At last – my official site as the *real* Montreal Guy

At last – my official site as the *real* Montreal Guy
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It’s here – my official site. Stay tuned for updates & news (as soon as I find time…) about my life as a Montreal Guy.

I’ll also be sharing info about my excellent deals on eBay – both stuff I’m selling and things I spot. Right now, my best selling and most appreciated items on eBay are the Indeed Labs line of beauty products. They’ve got really popular skin and eye care lines including Hydraluron masks & creams, Eysilix for eyes, Snoxin, Pepta-bright brightening skin cream, Okrapeptide, Nanoblur and several others. I’ll write about the individual products and their optimal uses as well as research on reviews done by both individual users as well as beauty and skin care specialists and bloggers.

In the meantime, check out my my seller page on eBay for the best prices (in our out of eBay) with fast & free shipping to most countries worldwide, including Europe, the United Kingdom, the USA and of course Canada. Read my buyer reviews who love the fast shipping and product quality.

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